Artist Statement

Some 2018 publications include 805 Lit, The Borfski Press Magazine 4th issue, Average Art 25 (August), Pink Panther Magazine and Portfolio #17 of A5 Magazine (August). There was inclusion in an exhibition with Aaduna (Penalver Gallery) Vol.8 No.1 and 3rd Annual Artist's Choice (August) Online Juried Art Exhibition. My work is currently under review by American Art Awards, 1340 Art and Artist's Network.

News Journal


I apologize for any email being returned as undeliverable on 6/25. Not adhering to the storage space alert leads to service interruption, of course. My edu account only provides 10MB and some magazines send their gallery selections via attachment; instead of just the title or link. Disk space is eaten up quickly; at that rate, so feel free to try again.

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