Artist Statement

Receiving a nomination as an affiliate for the Circle Arts Foundation has me thinking of other ways to substantiate my skill. Sending off your realm of possibilities to periodicals who want to see your best in fine digital art turns the amp up on pressure. Applying to galleries, magazine features and contests to see how well you make out with the jury is a test itself. Currently my work is under review by Light Space Time, Art Portfolio Magazine, Artist's Network, American Art Awards and Create. My track record has been stronger in coding, up until now. The proof has been in winning awards from CSS Nectar, Best CSS and CSS Boutique.

News and Events


The 2017 entry spoke volumes, although I'm usually a person of few words. It's good practice to do an annual update to let your readers know that you are making some effort to stay in the loop. More than one entry a year would be a bonus, although there are probably more people writing than reading these days.

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