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When the author hasn't been swallowed by a starving entity like her computer's wormhole, she can be found doing something enjoyable. This may include soaking up Chicago's industrial art scene, enjoying Mediterranean food or listening to K-love.

As an arbitrary force that is ready to tackle demand full speed ahead, she's always on the lookout for that next hurdle. Her yearning for predictability gave her an eye for spotting market trends. This led her to obtain a degree in an advanced program, which focused on the uniformity of information.

She has an M.A. in interdisciplinary studies with a concentration in political science, history, women and gender studies. She was the kid in college who was eager to complete the re-write, visited her professors during office hours and sat at the front of the classroom. Those habits shine through the quality of material that she churns out. Some of her work has been featured by the US Dept of Education, Counter Culture Magazine, Fire Dog Lake and Shadow Proof.

Additionally, her experience in multimedia continues to address the needs of clients by using digital artifacts to communicate. This may be done through education or excitement. By knowing your target audience, she can create projects tailored to your specifications. When partnered with seasoned insights, you'll be able to focus on expanding on your venture. Skills like this make it possible to complete the task in a timely fashion and provide you with a copy that will meet your objectives.

She brings artistic flair, an understanding of design principles, computer aptitude and dedication to learning new technology to the table. Being multi-faceted as an artist, 3d modeler and web designer simply puts the bells and whistles on her true craft which is writing. If you need engaging blog entries, marketing collateral, content analysis, independent research, authority content, about pages or thought leadership; consider reaching out for more information.



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