The About Page

The author was accepted into the civil engineering graduate program at CSU Chico but her love for social movements won out. She obtained an M.A. in interdisciplinary studies with a concentration in political science, history, women and gender studies.

Being a whimsical force doesn't mean that she is without reason. Life is predicated on the ability to lookout for that next hurdle and readiness to tackle demand full speed, regardless of where you are. Her work has been featured by the US Dept of Education, Counter Culture Magazine and other publications.

Additionally, there are some skills that a writer should have besides the ability to use digital artifacts to communication. Some of these includes video captioning, being able to eit, web design, accuracy in checking facts and citing sources, as well as, some coding and programming capacity.

This multimedia devotee brings artistic flair, a knowledge of design principles, computer aptitude and dedication to learning new technology to the table. Being an artist, 3d modeler and web designer simply puts the bells and whistles on her true craft which is writing.

Whether it's engaging blog entries, marketing collateral, content analysis, independent research, authority content, about pages or thought leadership; this diva has a firm grasp on the uniformity of information.

When she hasn't been swallowed by a starving entity like her computer's wormhole, she can be found doing something enjoyable. This may include soaking up Chicago's industrial art scene, enjoying Mediterranean food or listening to K-love.


1970's Birthday-A throwback