Fine Digital Art

The Art Process

My biggest confession as an artist is that I don't create high resolution images for print with the intent of selling. These are created strictly for the web and perhaps hinders self-promotion. My experience spans about 20 years, which doesn't seem that long on the timeline. This started as hobby and grew into a marketable skill thanks to formal training from a colleague.

What you see in the art gallery was created with Micrografx, Paintshop Pro, GIMP, My Paint and or Corel Painter 2018. You're more likely to see expressionism, since it is my favorite style of art. This is due to its raw emotion, such as existential rage. Patterning after this movement, allows me to turn my own temperament into something benevolent.

The modality itself is moving more and more into photo realism (flat) which is fine. Now hyper realism is a slightly different story. Being old school makes me a stickler for seeing character, especially in portraits. In reality, my attention is usually better spent on themes that require less aesthetic involvement.

You're likely to think of me, as someone who should have been born during the 17th century. There's nothing like creating out of the loins of human struggle and around the vanity of war. I want to come face to face with the cackling wind, see the distressed trees and curated bushes after the dust.