Games, Tests and Quizzes

  • Nariland-A hand drawn gaming map.
  • Campaign Cartographer 2-Participating in this digital beautifying campaign intended for devout gamers.
  • Space Invaders- Browser or exe version of the original game.
  • Reflex-This reflex test in particular measures time from one click (with random delay) to another getTime() returns value of milliseconds from the year 1970, since it is a UNIX epoch; purely for historical reasons.
  • This is a Test-You'll just love this annoying little javascript.
  • A Probability Game-You've just started your own investment firm...roll the dice to find out how you'll make out.
  • The Elephant Quiz-The Elephant Quiz
  • The Nari Quiz-These questions are strictly related to the extras page.


  • Fruit Punch-A game made by my god baby Kristen. Good luck figuring out what the hell's going on with this coy little game.
  • Gem Bash-This is a hand-eye coordination style game also made by Kristen.