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  • The Nari Pages-I waged a nice little campaign, since the inception of the internet or "information superhighway". This includes awareness raising and being part of a larger online community. The irony is that someday this abandoned digital artifact will be all that's left of me floating in cyberspace.
  • Steven Whitehurst-This treatise cuts across ethnic and class lines, and strikes at the ills of U.S.A. society with a force and emotion reminding the reader of the positive activism of the 1960's!
  • When the SHTF-Learning TODAY - to prepare for tomorrow and the possibility that The World As We Know It might change at any time.
  • Susanne Jensen Art-As of today I will be able to keep roof over my head however the fact that I now have to pay back rent off from the small assistance amount I receive means...
  • Coporate Mofo-We toil mindlessly for the benefit of the CEO's kid's trust fund, dazed by deadlines and the blue glow of the computer screen in our beige-and-gray cubicles, or smiling politely at the customers we serve like automatons.
  • Fragments Web-This section includes first-hand accounts of two political demonstrations that I attended many years ago. One took place in Washington, D.C. and the other in North Carolina. There is also an existential essay about life in Los Angeles during the early 1990's.
  • Rachel's Pages-Education: Fairly useless (BA, MA, both in rather useless fields.) Reason for having been in Taiwan? Little other means to make money.
  • David Simon-Tether yourself to their ugliest fears and you, too, can embrace the shame that this moment offers.
  • Ashoksandhya-Like any good home, ours is also less catchy from outside but (hopefully) more utilitarian in the inside. So if you want to see, come on in... go ahead!!!!
  • A History of Single Life-The obvious thing was to question where the hell the whole convoluted mating-game thing that we all subscribe to came from.
  • Nu Cartoon-Political leanings of selected cartoon characters.
  • The Nature and Philosophy of Science-How do we know that the sources of our beliefs are ever reliable (e.g. memory, testimony, sense experience)?
  • Squicky-Eugene's Ridiculous Homepage.
  • Queequeg's Crossing-The nature of human existence transcends objective inquiry; we are part of, and thus cannot be objective about, our own existence.
  • James Huggins-As I mentioned earlier, this page attempts to distinguish between "professional" and "personal." Unfortunately this distinction isn't a thin, crisp black line; it is a wide, fuzzy gray one.
  • Kymber-I consider myself lucky to live in California, where the possibility of violent attack because of who and what I am is much lessened, and where so-called "bathroom bills" are not likely to be introduced.
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